Personal Trainers, Fitness Influencers, and Aspiring Online Coaches

The Time Has Come For You To Build A Recession-Proof Online Coaching Business from the best in the Biz

You've probably read dozens of sales pages, so we'll cut the bullshit.
This program is for Fitness Professionals who are ready to bulletproof their business; for those who strive to not just survive, but thrive, in the new COVID climate.

The Honest Truth

Most Trainers Won't Make It Through These Next Few Months For One Of The Following Reasons...



Because they don't know what to do and don't make the right decisions.

Because they choose to wing it and miss the real opportunities.

Because they have analysis paralysis and don't act quick enough.

But that doesn't have to be you...
If you know what to do

Coaches With The right strategies will walk away from this better than they went in.

Done right, in a few months you could...

Attract High-Quality Clients

Grow A Real Full-Time Business

Engineer Systems That Unlock Time

Help You Succeed Through COVID


Your all-in-one blueprint to start, grow, and optimize your online coaching business.

Immediate Impact is like a “business in a box” with done-for-you frameworks for every aspect of your coaching business.

In the course, you will:

  • Discover how to craft an “irresistible offer”,
  • Be taught how to consistently generate high-quality, high-paying clients,
  • Learn how to turn coaching into a real, full-time business,
  • Be given the keys to a proven framework for generating pre-sold leads through proven done-for-you content strategies, and templates.,
  • Learn how to convert those leads into recurring high-paying online clients,
  • And so much more…

The models, frameworks, and strategies have been not only utilized to scale the co-founders of Impact Fitness Coaching Academy’s online coaching businesses to 7+ figures, but have helped hundreds of coaches through our IFCA Mentorship to grow to $10k, $20k, $50k, and even $70k, months consistently.  

Built By Coaches, For Coaches.

We are the IFCA

The passionate few who lead the many.
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The Business of Personal Training Has Changed

And The Change Is Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Here at the IFCA, we represent the Epicenter of the Coaching Industry.

Our coaches, clients, gyms owners, influencers, and health coaches across a worldwide network are all feeling it.

We've been talking with personal trainers from around the world and this is what we're hearing

They are losing personal training clients because everyone’s locked at home.
They are losing their best online clients – due to nationwide job loss.
There’s been a drastic drop in leads from Instagram – why?
It seems like there's a complete over-saturation of the online personal training industry. It feels like its too late to really succeed and rise about the crowd.
With the leads you DO have, price objections are through the roof.
You’ve been wanting to transition into online coaching for a while, but never quite cracked it. Now, it just seems hopeless.
Misinformation was already a problem before the pandemic. Now, there’s more noise than ever coming from bro-scientists desperate to make money.
You want to succeed in business, but high-quality business coaching programs are out of price reach because of all of the above. PLUS, it’s almost impossible to truly gauge the quality of them.
You’re looking at other coaches succeed - even now - and you feel inadequate. Their following, pictures, confidence, and content seem unattainable. It’s led to inaction and second-guessing your personality.
You’re afraid of, or simply unfamiliar with tech, making the barrier into Online Personal Training seem daunting.
Online coaching seems like the only option, but you don’t know where to start. Every time you do, you get stuck.
You’re worried about judgment or criticism from peers, especially when more eyes than ever are glued to the internet...EVERYBODY is watching.
You’ve invested in business coaching programs during the GOOD times, which...didn’t end well. Now, during the economic downturn, making another investment like that without results would be crippling.
With so many personal trainers moving into online coaching, imposter syndrome can set in - you’re feeling a lack of knowledge or skill.
Now, more than ever, you’re losing hope in the evidence-based industry due to cookie-cutter coaches charging 1/10th of what you are.
You’ve got a small social media presence - or no following at all. Which pretty much makes it impossible to build an online coaching business…right?

If you feel that one or more of the above applies to you, there are 3 things you need to understand.

You are not alone.
We, more than anyone, understand.

There’s good news behind each and every one of the points above

There’s some inconvenient news which gift wraps the good news

The Good News

The Personal Trainer Recession Roadmap

Perceived Problem

You’re Losing Clients Because Everyone’s Locked At Home


The only answer is to pivot and innovate ways in which you can overdeliver to those same clients with online tools. Even if gyms begin opening again, the entire world becomes your lead-pool with online business models.

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Perceived Problem

You've Had A Big Drop In The Leads You Get From Instagram


The only answer is to pivot and innovate ways in which you can overdeliver to those same clients with online tools. Even if gyms begin opening again, the entire world becomes your lead-pool with online business models.

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Perceived Problem

Perceived Market Oversaturation


The only answer is to pivot and innovate ways in which you can overdeliver to those same clients with online tools. Even if gyms begin opening again, the entire world becomes your lead-pool with online business models.

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Perceived Problem

Price Objections Are Killing Your Vibe


To be honest, this doesn’t have to be the case. First – providing a lower-tiered model for those who truly cannot afford high level coaching needs to be part of your strategy. Second: In our own coaching businesses, we’re having floods of clients come to us for fitness coaching. Our business clients are mopping the floors with “cookie cutter” coaches because they know how to navigate the industry landscape. The problem isn’t the price, it’s the context and perceived value. Nailing this is a simple system we cover with our business clients.

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Perceived Problem

Comparing Yourself To Influencers and Successful Coaches


First, stop that. Most of what you see on the internet is not what it seems. Second, comparing yourself to anyone other than yourself means you’re looking in the wrong direction.

As fitness coaches, nothing we do or teach is unique. The tools we use, the strategies, type of diets, marketing tactics. None of it. It all comes from somewhere, which came from somewhere else.

In this business, only two things make you truly unique: your story, and your personality.

Nobody else on this earth can BE you the way you need to BE you. That’s the difference. We have every single tool, system, and trick in the book you need to succeed. But when all else is equal, YOU are the difference maker.

People will gravitate toward you for you – not your programs.

Which is why you can succeed.

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Perceived Problem

You’re Afraid Of Or Don't Know How To Use Tech


We’re not going to feed you some bullshit about how there’s “no tech” involved. There’s quite a bit, actually.  But, this is 2020: technology is here to make your life easier, not more complex. Still the app-game is real, which is why we have a dedicated tech coach for every member in our programs.

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Perceived Problem

Lack of Followers On Social Media - Or No Following At All.


The short of it: followers do not equal dollars. The long: believe it or not, there’s life beyond social media. In fact…looking past Instagram is THE difference maker between “IG coaches” and legitimate entrepreneurs.

Everyone forgot about GOOGLE. We cover 3 ways to build your business, and you need all of them to be truly recession proof.

Focusing on just social media, whether it’s content or ads, is shortsighted. While it’s the fastest way (if you already have a following), it’s also the easiest to knock over, so to speak.

Before you know it, you could be banned or blacklisted.

The algorithm could suddenly change, killing profits.

And the worst part is, on social media, you don’t even own your followers or content—the platform does.

By building an email list, you are building your business infrastructure a bit further. You own your list, and ROI via email marketing bodyslams paid media. However you are still open to blacklists, email algorithm changes and gmail promotion tab updates, which kill revenue.

Plus, you are still stuck on a “transactional” revenue model. It’s important, and you MUST implement email marketing…but it’s not the full picture.

By becoming #1 on google for YOU and your unique self, it addresses the missing puzzle pieces most coaches never even consider:

Traffic: People are always searching. By coming up #1, you have an endless pool of customers and leads coming to you—ready to buy. And it won’t cost you a dime in ad-spend.

Authority: Google never lies, and people know it. By becoming number 1, you become the undisputed king in your area of expertise. And you’ll get paid like it.

Sustainability: With a steady stream of ready-to-buy new clients and leads across multiple verticals, you’ll never have “bad” months again. By building a TRUE online business, you create a monthly pension for yourself; for total freedom and security.

So, like…forget your obsession with followers and focus on the full picture.

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Perceived Problem

Mentorship Is Damn Expensive


You’re 100% correct. It’s expensive, especially when “mentors” haven’t walked the walk like we have. Really, it’s just a “cost”. Here at the IFCA, we build programs that serve as a legitimate INVESTMENT in your immediate, and future business success. Still, investment or not, the dollar figure is simply unreachable for many in the current COVID climate. This is exactly why we built the Immediate Impact Course: for those with the will and drive to win, while being affordable for everyone who gives a damn about succeeding.

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You have problems

We have proven solutions that work.

While The Above May Be True, We're Not Pretending It's Easy.

Here's What You Need To Understand About The Economy & Fitness

The Sorta, Kinda, somewhat Inconvenient Truth...

As a trainer, you’ve taken a hit. It probably feels out of your control entirely. While this may be true for the worldwide state of emergency… It’s not the whole story.

The economy is only partially affected due to pandemic-induced quarantine. The economy has been on the edge of a cliff for the past few years.

Due to the media, government, and federal incentives that seek to it hasn’t felt or appeared this way.

What this means for you, is simple:

Even if there wasn’t a global quarantine, this economic transition would still occur.

It’s just accelerated by about 12-18 months.

The choices you make in the following days, weeks, and months will shape the trajectory of your personal training career for years to come.

Every Personal Trainer must change to survive.

From the way you approach marketing, growth systems, offers, manage your cash and credit, your models, and your mindset.

These are the variables that will determine whether 2020 becomes the year of your greatest opportunity or your ultimate downfall.


Because The World Won’t Wait For You To Catch Up

Now isn’t the time to assess things for weeks; it’s time to know your plan, align with conviction, and deploy action in a strategically educated manner.

But… There’s A Silver Lining For Online Personal Trainers

The truth is, the market for online personal training is going to expand exponentially across the coming months and years. While gyms may be reopening, the world will never be what it once was.

By the time you’ve come to read this, thousands of trainers, just like you, have scanned these very words. Every single one of them is experiencing the same reality you are.

It’s unfortunate, but a large percentage of coaches will not survive in 2020. More than half will begin the search for jobs in an economy without jobs to offer.

Attention is being directed to the internet more than ever before, while people sit at home unable to live normal lives. Based on feedback from our business clients, our fitness clients, and global statistics, it’s led to three things:

  • Health, fitness, and nutrition have moved to the top ranks in global search results.
  • Demand for quality, evidence-based health advice is through the roof.
  • An explosion of interest and awareness around how online fitness professionals can help.

Across the next 12 months, we’re going to see a culling of the herd. The demand for high-quality COACHES over WORKOUTS will surge.

The pretenders, the and those who “wing it.”

The smart ones, the trainers like you who read this entire page, will pivot. Those trainers will shape what coaching becomes for the next 10+ years.

So, assuming you’re one of the passionate few who strive to shape the next decade of Personal Training.

What’s the first move?

Creating Value Is The First Move

How Do You Deliver True Value That Clients Will Happily Pay For During A Nation wide Quarantine, While The Economy Crumbles?

The answer is found when you take an honest look at what fear truly means in your business environment. 

Fear is the driving factor behind most buying decisions – and, if you’re paying attention – some of the copy on this page is meant to expose you to why you NEED to be fearful.

Fear itself isn’t the problem. It’s what you do with it that matters. 

Fear, panic, and uncertainty are declarations of pain.

Asseverate, worldwide expression of pain exposes problems. Some old, some different, some disparate. Some that will come to shape the new world.

Problems are, by cosmic design, forever married to their partner: solutions.

One cannot exist without the other. When united, the offspring is something we humans call value.

Solve A Problem —> Create Value And Stuff.

Efficiently or uniquely matching pain-amplifying problems with their known solutions creates a baseline of value. 

Value creation is how the economic, socioeconomic, and energetic human connection “wheels” are turned. 

As humans, we fucking *love* problems. 

We throw trillions of dollars per year at problems we make for ourselves, just to get our dopamine fix.

Yet – problems shift. Problems show up out of nowhere, all like “what up, fam?” and we’re all like “umm, who invited you?”

Suddenly our specialized solutions solve less and less.

This is what’s happening in the Personal Training Industry right now.

In-person trainers, online coaches, gym owners, influencers – the entire culture – suddenly faced with a new set of problems.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, it hurts. Yes, this is serious. 

Yes, this is also the best thing that could have ever happened to coaches like you who LOVE what they do.

Problems that exist without obvious solutions attached to them are the ENGINES that power real progress—the space where the once-valuable gives way to the invaluable.

If creating value is the first move, becoming invaluable is every move that comes next.

Now is the time where innovation, creation, collaboration, and connection become our collective obligation and duty.

It means “gimmicks” will give way to the innovation of solutions, and variants of existing solutions to meet these mutated problems on the frontlines.

Instead of retracting, expand your vision. 

Instead of panicking, pivot.

Finally, remember the following and let it guide you: all of this is entirely natural, has happened before, and will happen again. 

Problems eventually lead to solutions. Those solutions expand the playing field. That playing field creates new problems to solve. We solve those problems and begin again. 

Somewhere in there, about every ten to twenty years, we collectively decide (with the help of our beloved media) to mark these cycles with names like “new era,” “next-generation,” and “global awakening.” 

To you, the coach, this is good news:

Problem → Solution → Problem → Solution


The point is: change is inevitable and necessary for progress. Your progress. Your client’s progress. The progression of the world itself.

You have a choice to make.

A choice to embrace the change or be left behind while the world changes without you.

The effort and passion poured into writing these words come from the only place that matters:

We are you – just a few levels above in the success ladder. We live and breathe this.

We don’t want or need to sell you. We want to thoroughly educate and amplify the evidence-based coaches around the world – because that’s what the world needs. 

For Personal Trainers like you, 2020 is the year of the gold rush.

There's Opportunity For Good Coaches To Become Great.

But It's Not Enough

Being a great coach isn’t enough to set you apart. 

Look, you have to get people results. You need to be good at what you do. The solutions you provide to the world need to be cogent, helpful, and effective.

But guess what? That’s not unique. Every one of your competitors can do that.

Every single one of the personal trainers, just like you, thinking like you, acting like you, reading this page like you.

Precious little of what you teach or deliver is unique—and with more voices clamoring for attention, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

If you’re going to achieve real success and have a lasting impact, you NEED to rise above the crowd.

And when it comes to standing out, fostering connection, and creating emotional response, nothing—and I mean nothing—can match who YOU are as a person and the lens through which you enter the world.  

Because coaching is so much more than writing programs and posting on Instagram.

It’s how you sell.
​It’s how you teach.
​It’s how you connect.
It’s how you manage finances.
It’s how you write.
It’s how you take action with conviction.
It’s how you market.
It’s how you manage systems to serve more people in need.
​It’s how you move people to action.
It’s how you cause people to believe in themselves through you while working with you.

And if you’re not actively trying to improve your skills in these areas, you’ll be left behind. 

There’s no coming back.

It’s simple in theory – but far from easy. We’ve paved the way while developing systems to arm the new league of personal trainers globally. Helping our family of members make incredible changes in every area you can imagine.

Changes that mean something to the world, especially right now.

NONE OF this is new

Yet over HALF of all personal trainers (existing and new) will fail in 2020

Why Most Personal Trainers And Online Coaches Won’t Survive 2020

As to WHY…

It’s three simple things.

1. You Don't Know What You Don't Know

In the main, personal trainers avoid starting an online coaching business because they don’t know what to focus on.

There is so much that people don’t know, and so much they don’t know they don’t know.

Worse: there’s even more who think they know what to do based on misinformation, which causes them to know even less in reality. More harm than good. 

If you’re like most people who struggle, you might have that same issue.

In short, you’re stumbling around blind.

2. investing in high-level mentorship would cripple you; stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You’ve lost training clients. Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by marketers pandering to your pain points. You might even be in debt.

High-level coaching programs that get results (like the IFCA) aren’t cheap. Courses are almost always full of “information” you can find on YouTube. The people who market those courses haven’t built a legitimate business doing what they teach.

You’re not naive – so even though you do NOT know what you don’t know, you decide to save the money and wing it. 

How’s that going for you”?

3. Analysis Paralysis - The Primary Reason Why Online Fitness Coaches Fail

To be real, when most people tell you to “take action now”, it’s purely to sell you shit you don’t need. This isn’t that, and we aren’t most people.

To quote the dictionary: Analysis paralysis describes an individual or group process when overanalyzing or overthinking a situation can cause forward motion or decision-making to become “paralyzed”, meaning that no solution or course of action is decided upon.

In the online personal training world, this translates most clearly as: failure, burnout, insecurity, and spinning your wheels.



(And Why We're Different)

Hey, I’m Erin. The dangerously handsome guy next to me is my husband, Jordan. We’re the founders of the IFCA.

  • I’ve been an online coach since 2013, and have worked with 4000+ clients since
  • 2012-2015- Spent countless hours learning to grow an Instagram audience for 4 years and then finally realized that I wanted a thriving business, not an audience. 
  • Unlike many “business coaches,” I’ve had a multi six-figure coaching company for seven years. 

After seven years in the online personal training space, I’ve seen just about everything. 

Allow me to let you in on a little industry secret: all of the best fitness business owners in the world… have coaches.

The best online coaches have coaches. And the people who design some of the best, most effective business systems you’ve ever heard of… hire other people to develop business strategies for them.

This goes for everyone from influencers to blog tycoons, to eight-figure coaching empires.

Off the top of my head, I can drop 10 of the most recognizable names in the fitness business mentorship industry, and tell you that each of these people has a coach for one aspect of their business or another. 

I know because they’re our personal friends.

Which brings me around to the point:

I have a mentor for my online coaching business. 

More than one. 

We have another mentor and suite of specialists behind the success of IFCA, as well.

And, Jordan makes a point of always ensuring he’s the “dumbest guy in the room.”

More often than not, this surprises people. The obvious question is, “why would an expert in online coaching—who’s done well over $1M in revenue annually—hire someone else to coach her?”

That question doesn’t just apply to me, of course. You might be wondering why any of the top coaches in the world—let alone all of them—would decide to hire other coaches.

While the main reason people seek out coaches is simple (“I want better results; more money; more time”), there’s a litany of secondary and tertiary reasons that support that primary goal. 

After seven years doing what we now ALSO teach (and what we’ve put into this program), I’m of the mind that everyone can use a coach; I believe everyone can benefit from coaching.

So. Let’s talk about why I hired one.

Imagine, for a moment, where you were and what life looked like in 2013. Do you remember the world back then? Do you remember the fitness industry? I do. It’s crystal clear. 

In 2013 I scaled my business to 500k in revenue through online coaching (by myself, with no team). To most people, this was the epitome of success.

In reality, I began to suffer from crippling psychological and physiological burnout – almost immediately. I knew something needed to change (more on this later).  

In those days, I hated doing the “business stuff.”… I just wanted to coach clients. 

For example, I refused to talk on the phone. Wasn’t gonna happen. 

It was out of my fear, insecurity, and ego.

I told myself, “I don’t work for the man anymore. I work for myself, and I don’t make phone calls or any of this other BS I don’t have to do.” ⁣

I would make up stories like” I’m a better communicator via email, so I’ll stick with that.” ⁣

You know what? I got away with it. Getting clients through email was easy back then. 

I played a different game in 2013. There wasn’t a sea of Online Coaches clamoring for attention on Instagram.⁣

I could keep a roster of 200 clients at a time; charge next to nothing, make half a million dollars per year coaching — AND never actually have to “sell” them.

See, back then, people were paying for a commodity.

When someone wanted an Online Personal Trainer, there were approximately 7 of us weirdos to choose from. 

Today, that’s just not the case. ⁣The game has changed.⁣

Today, people invest in COACHES, not COACHING. ⁣In 2020, quality models are suffocating cookie-cutter quantity models. It’s true for your potential clients.

We’re going to show you exactly how to do what we do.

The (Not So) Secret Formula To Beating Burnout While Scaling Your Online Coaching Business

First, let me take you back to the good ol’ “breaking point” Like I mentioned, In 2016, I hit burnout. I was managing over 200 clients, ALL ALONE.

I was undercharging, which meant half of them weren’t sticking to the plan, so it was extremely unrewarding. I had marketing and client attraction DOWN! What I didn’t have were effective systems and sales skills. I was working 70+ hours a week, had no life and no friends. 

I knew I had to figure something out, or I was going to be miserable regardless of how much money I was making. 

SO across the next three years, I invested over 200k in mentorship and coaching…

And FINALLY, I got to learn the skills and see inside the businesses of people who were making twice as much money, working half the hours and getting better results.

From here, I partnered with Jordan on Transform 2Gether, which, by using these same systems and strategies, led us to generate over 100k on every launch. $3.5 million in revenue together. 

With this business model, we’ve been able to employ four assistant coaches and leverage our time by thoroughly educating and empowering our clients.

Not just that, our client retention is INSANE by any standard that matters. Out of our last round, we signed up over 90 clients (yep- 90 high ticket fitness clients in one month), and we haven’t had a single one drop off. 

The results are what drive this business forward. The systems and structure allow us to focus on what truly matters: DRIVING RESULTS. 

We then went on to form the Flow State Of Mind Podcast; we grew both Erin Dimond Fitness, DuggAesthetics, and IFCA to generate more than $3.5M in revenue, and a team of 6 amazing people.

All of this when “competition” in the space had never been higher. In fact, during quarantine, our organic traffic has INCREASED by over 40%.

Our Surge In Success Was Due To Two Things:
Hiring A Business Coach And Taking Action Every Single Day

For fitness professionals, having a high level of belief in your coach is imperative: if you don’t trust your coach, you can’t benefit maximally. Which is why you should hire someone elite, who has gotten results for people in your situation; the credibility lends itself to trust.

All of which is to say that I believe everyone should have a coach.

No matter the industry or category, coaches—great coaches—have a way of bringing the best out of you and taking you to the next level, especially when we’re talking about business systems, strategies, and templated workflows you can plug-and-play.

You see, the act of entering into a coaching/student relationship brings immediate benefits, and allows you—the client—to progress by the nature of these advantages.

Beyond financial success, here are just some of the other benefits that come with mentorship:


This is (hopefully) the main reason people hire a coach or invest in a course.

The person you’re hiring has a high level of expertise with the given subject and can leverage that knowledge to your benefit.

In the case of business, you’ll get where you want to go faster, and even achieve things you didn’t know you wanted.


Simply, people work harder and perform better when someone else is helping them.

Coaches, in particular, have this effect because they are actively pushing you to reach within yourself for more while arming you with the tools to execute.

The combination of motivation and intensity always leads to more significant progress and better results across all areas.


By FAR, this is the key benefit of coaching. If you know someone is counting on you, you show up. Physically and metaphorically.

Hiring a coach gives you multiple types of accountability. Let’s look at fitness coaching—the shit YOU are selling. If you hire a trainer, you’re paying for it, and therefore, a LOT more likely to work hard, a lot LESS likely to skip workouts, and in general more prone to taking your program seriously.

Anyone who’s ever played a sport or competed on stage knows how much it hurts to think you’ve let your coach down. This translates into training, business coaching, therapy, or nearly anything else. Knowing we have to report our actions, and those actions are being examined makes us want to be on our game at all times.

It’s no surprise that the mere act of hiring a coach often spurs people to new heights of success in business.

THIS IS For You IF...​

You have an online business that has momentum and you want to ensure you keep that momentum, no matter what's happening in the economy.
You want to know where to invest your time, money and resources to create a lasting level of impact for your business both now and in the future.
You want to ensure that you can weather the storm and create income security from what you've developed as a business.
You want to deploy the strategies, tactics and frameworks that will create return right now and in the future.
You want to know how to implement effective marketing and sales that will get customers to buy from you, no matter what.
You want to know how to handle your mindset, your finances, operations, team effectively.
You want a community of other Entrepreneurs along with leadership from some of the top Entrepreneurs in the world, mentoring you along the path.

Sounds Like You?

This Is Not For You If...

You’re not passionate about the fitness industry, and simply think this might be a good thing to “try”.
You’re more interested in being babysat than taking responsibility for your results, work output, and level of urgency.
You haven’t had a “fitness journey” yourself.
You’re not interested in creating content to put out into the world.
You think this is a quick fix.
You subscribe to the “bro science” methodology vs the evidence-based community.
You refuse to accept the fact that personal training needs to adapt to the changing markets.
You don’t possess a hunger for learning and implementing things that will expand your professional and personal development.
You’re generally not a very nice person to be around. Sorry, but you can’t sit with us.

Case Study

How Gracie 3x'd Her Business With Immediate Impact


When you enrol in Immediate Impact Your Course Tuition Is Credited Towards Your Seat In The IFCA Elite Group

Next round begins Summer 2020!
Don't Take Our Word For it

What Our Other Students Say

Welcome To
The Immediate Impact Course

The Course overview

The IFCA Immediate Impact course is an all-in-one blueprint to start, grow, and optimize an online coaching business. It’s like a “business in a box,” with done-for-you frameworks for social media growth, and attraction. 

  1. Attract High-Quality Clients
  2. Grow A Real Full-Time Business
  3. Engineer Systems That Unlock Your Time
  4. Help You Serve & Succeed Through COVID

You will discover how to craft an “irresistible offer,” and given the keys to a proven framework for generating pre-sold leads through proven done-for-you content strategies, and templates. 

Next, you will learn how to convert those leads into high paying online clients. 

Along with that, you will learn not only how to build an effective training, and nutrition program, through our IFCA Evidence-Based Nutrition Application system, we give you a framework to deliver the programs, manage client check-ins, communication, collecting payments, and legal agreements. 

Finally, in order to make this a legitimate business, you will learn from our IFCA CPA how to register your business, manage profit and loss, tax strategy, and insurance. 

The models, frameworks, and strategies have been not only utilized to scale the co-founders of Impact Fitness Coaching Academy’s online coaching businesses to 7+ figures, but has helped hundreds of coaches through our IFCA mentorship to grow to 10k, 20k, 50k, and even 70k months consistently.  

Designed for the “real coach” who wants to make a massive impact in the fitness industry, and disrupt the “old way” of doing things. 

Plus, inside of the IFCA Immediate Impact course, you will have access to our Hybrid Model training, designed for gym owners, and personal trainers to convert their current clients, and members to online, without sacrificing income, and buying back your time. 

Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking to crack consistent 10k months in your business, without the “hustle” of sacrificing time and freedom, for income.

Read more

1. Welcome To Immediate Impact

Here, we set the frame for your entire journey through the course. In order to determine where you need to go, we first need to know where you’re starting. Plus, if you don’t mind, we’d like to get to know you. With each section, module, video, resource, template, and system, you’ll be guided along a yellow brick road of compounding success.